Week 12: 14th – 20th March

This week was planned with significant mileage and 2 big sessions, but with Eastleigh 10k at the weekend I altered the plan to include a mini taper and no long run.  I reasoned that with the form I am showing that I could have a tilt at a new PB, currently 34:21 or even sub-34.  It seemed unlikely as my legs were heavy with the marathon miles but worth a try.

Mon: Plan 2 lots of 5M easy.  Reality 7.5M easy, feeling relaxed as I toured the delights of Wokingham at an average of 6:55 still heavy legged from the 23M the night before.  My hips were sore but freed up about halfway through.

Tue: Plan hills reps.  Reality I was in Cambridgeshire and there weren’t any hills! So I ran
2 x 5km ideally at Marathon pace for the first and HM pace for the second.  I found the most amazing trail flat, lit, traffic free with perfect tarmac.  I bashed out the first 5km in 17:07 amazed I decided a much easier return after 6min jog recovery.  This time it was 17:13, I jogged back smiling from ear to ear.  9.5M in 57min

Wed: Up early I expected very tired legs from the night before, however the trail carried me along for 12 miles in 1hr 18min and time for breakfast.

Thu: Should of been hills but with the weekend in sight I took the day off, mini taper started

Fri: An easy run with tired legs interspersed with 5 sets of strides that by the end had perked my legs up.

Sat: A day of rest…ready for tomorrow

Sun: Eastleigh 10k, knowing I was on form is one thing, producing a performance is another.  The alarm went at 6am, after shoveling down porridge and honey, with 2 cups of tea I was out the door on the drive down.  A social 2 mile warm-up with the harriers and off to the start.  As 2,500 runners lined-up I was 4 rows back and feeling hemmed in.  I started fast weaving through slower runners who were lined up rather optimistically.  Mile 1 down in 5:17…going well.  Mile 2 was slower but I was now in the rhythm that would carry me to the finish, 5:30, 5:34 (uphill), 5:29, 5:33, 5:31.  500m to go and Sean my club captain and friend came alongside and encouraged me to chase down 2 Winchester runners and sprint in…I managed the sprint to finish 42nd, 5th V40 in 33:56 a new PB and past a landmark I have had my eye on for a while.  Happy Days as the training pays off.



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