Week 11: 7-13th Mar

A week where things did not go to plan.  First the plan; an easier week, a mini taper if you will to be ready for Salisbury 10M on Sunday, it would also act as “down week” to allow my body to recover a little after last weeks mileage.  The reality was rather different…

Mon: Easy 5M, I felt very bouncy, a bit like tigger, that is what happens after a whole day off!  It was a refreshing and motivating feeling

Tue am: Easy 5M, It felt easy but I was ripping along up and down union lane at and average of 6:13 pace I really should take things easy when it says easy but moving though the air quickly under your own power is one of life’s most compelling feelings.

Tue pm: 9M of Fartlek, I ran with my good friend James and the session was his suggestion.  We chatted through the warm-up of three easy miles, before moving into the meat of the session.  Moderate 1min followed by 1min at 5k pace 10 times, so no recovery or jog the paces were moderate 6min/mile and 5k around 5:30; cracking pace.  This led straight into 10 x 30s jog/ fast (flat out) the fast sections were at around 4:35 pace.  Come the end of the session I was ready for to drop, unfortunately James was worse off, he injured himself (again) hopefully he will be back soon.

Wed: 11M Slow, well when could I ever run slow…today 6:42 pace for 11.25 and felt like walking at the end, properly knackered!

Thu am: 5M easy, Once again an easy jog up and down union lane at 6:30 pace, great to be out in the country.

Thu pm: Well this is where the plan went very awry should of been a relaxed set of cruise intervals what actually happened was…8 x 1k absolutely killing it; half uphill at 3:20; half downhill smashing out 3:12.  A great session but not what I should of been doing.

Fri:  This time I stuck to it 4M easy with 4 x strides on very, very tired legs

Sat: Rest ready for Salisbury…

Sun: No childcare, so had to miss Salisbury, damn, damn, damn, I am on form, maybe a PB went begging on a great day for running.  Once my wife got home I decided to go out and for penance ran 23.5M in the dark at 6:40 pace grumbling all the way. Hopefully I can turn that into speed for my next race Eastleigh 10k, game on.


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