Week 10: 29th Feb – 6th Mar

On cards this week was a scary week of 90M, covering at least 10M a day, not Eddie Izzard but hopeful at a rapid pace.  As I looked at the plan there were there two sessions which filled me with dread, the second hardest rep session of the plan 6 x 1M and a long run with the second half at Marathon pace.  All with the shadow of a funeral in the middle

Mon am: 5 miles easy, after going long the day before I ran this tired from the start.  Once I got going the pace didn’t seem too bad as I trotted around Wokingham at 6:40 pace.

Mon pm: 5 miles easy, with a sense of déjà vu I strode out for a tour of Basingstoke in the dark, to plod around in 34mins.  My body was just going through the motions I was wondering why.

Tue: The day of Tony’s funeral, running felt like an after thought, but once over I felt I had closure.  This led to a surprising even and quick set of 6 x 1M off 2min recoveries in 5:39/5:39/5:40/5:38/5:38/5:39 the last 2 were run with the Harriers which carried me along to even times.  Glad to have the whole day over and showed that there was nothing to fear.

Wed: 10M easy, a very uneventful trip around the delights of Wokingham in an average of 6:43

Thu am: 9miles of 2M jog followed by 5k in 20min straight into 5k in 17:30 followed by 1M cool-down.  Dread is the word I would use as I approached this session and in the warm-up but as it got going it felt great to be moving that quickly consistently as I clicked through the gears.  I finished with a smile on my face a sense of satisfaction

Thu pm: Yet another 5M slogging around Basingstoke in the dark, just as the mile mark came up I was considering why was I doing this, it felt like just going through the motions

Fri:  Whilst a very basic session it is designed to set-up the next day, a simple 5M steady run at 6:17 pace around Wokingham in the twilight, thank goodness that the days are lengthening

Sat: The weeks long run set at 18M, with the second half at Marathon pace (6:15).  I was not “up for this” but stumbled around the first 9 miles in around 6:55 pace, then it was time to lift the pace.  Something switched on, thank heavens, the pace was spot on for the first mile, then it was into mile after mile of hills including one nasty 2 mile drag.  I convinced myself that marathon effort was the key and ran with that.  But what goes up must come down, in the the end I covered the 9 miles in 6:17 pace.  This left me 2 miles from home so a short jog later I had covered 20.2M in 2:14 averaging 6:38.  Now for a day of rest.

Sun:  A day for watching my daughter compete at Gymnastics


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