Week 9: 22-28th Feb

Back to it after my enforced rest and the mileage is straight back up.  This week will be around 70M.  The Sartorius continues to grumble but the only treatment I’m giving it now is to ignore the rumblings.  On the face of it the week looks relatively easy, but this is the period in the training where the mileage begins to bite and I wonder “why did I ever agree to run another Marathon?”.  I did have the pleasure of a short work trip to Ireland where I could enjoy new surroundings for my runs.

Mon: The usual 10M easy run around Wokingham at 6:36 pace, I think I am starting to know every wrinkle in the road.

Tue am: 4 miles trot around Wokingham at 6:40 pace

Tue pm: My favourite session with the Harriers; Big Dipper with added benefits.  it looks like this

  • 6mins (5k pace) 30s recovery 1min (fast)
  • 5mins (5k pace) 30s recovery 1min (fast)
  • 4mins (5k pace) 30s recovery 1min (fast)
  • 3mins (5k pace) 30s recovery 1min (fast)
  • 2mins (5k pace) 30s recovery 1min (fast)
  • 1min (5k pace)

A really good session that never lets up.  I managed to hit 5k pace for each segment and the fast varied between 4:50 & 5:05 pace.  I finished exhausted but satisfied

Wed: Off to Ireland starting in Cork.  After an early flight it was off the plane and out for a run and it felt great to run along “the straight road” banging out 10.5 miles at 6:10 pace.  Even the Sartorious didn’t complain too much.

Thu: An early morning start to run along the banks of the Lee for a gentle 45min fartlek covering 8miles and it felt really good to play with speed chasing cars, ducks and cyclists.  A real life affirming run as the sun rose through the mist blanketing the river.

Fri: If anything the best run in Ireland this time in Sligo running up from the Hotel to Rosses point for wonderful views of the Atlantic and rugged coastline.  Not the fastest run but the 8 miles were covered in 52 minutes…A run to remember.

Sat: Rest

Sun: 20M slow.  I set myself the target to run at a consistent 3hr pace a test for my pacing and came in at 6:52 spot on, not bad after a hard week and a grumbling muscle.  This gives me confidence that I can pace London without too many issues.


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