Week 8: 15-21st Feb

This week was a washout with a torn muscle therefore no running. Well that’s what should of happened. This was so frustrating as the plan was to have a crack at my Half Marathon PB (1:16:06) at the Wokingham Half on Sunday.  On a brighter note it was my Birthday on the Monday and I was off work for the week to paint the kitchen, which at least took my mind off of running, but didn’t speed recovery.

Mon: No running just painting

Tue: Painting no running

Wed: Yet more painting no running

Thu: Even more painting no trainers in sight

Fri: I couldn’t bear it any longer and went out for a 10min spin, every time I got faster than 7:00 pace the leg hurt.

Sat: As my Son, Josh didn’t have piano we went to his first Parkrun, I ran with him, we clocked 31:40 not bad for a first go at 8yo.  On a positive note my leg didn’t feel painful at all.

Sun: Who says you need both legs to run?  This was the third time I had entered Wokingham and I had never run it before, my wife was running her first half, so I would run but easy.  Now I have previously mentioned I like to beat my number andtjis time it was 160 hmmm is this the day that goes?  What constitutes easy pace? Should I run easy to start and pick up? There were a lot of questions going through my mind.  In the end I plumped for running at Marathon pace and see how I go, hoping to finish at about 80mins.  I lined up at the 80min sign and in front of me were runners who I wasn’t sure could manage sub-80, in fact one gent in a Pistol Pete T-shirt finished some way behind me in 2:05…it does annoy me especially as there was chip timing.  The first few miles slipped past running very easy chatting to anyone who would listen thanking supporters saying hi to Mick & Phil click here to look them up.  It felt easy, perhaps too easy the as the miles swept past at 5:50 – 5:55 pace.  As we turned into the wind I got chatting to a nice chap from Thames Hare & Hounds, Toby, before picking up some of the leading ladies.  I provided support and shelter from the worst of the wind.  The pace slowed considerably in the last 3 miles into a strong headwind.  I clocked 1:19:05, which as a Marathon paced run I am very happy with.  This brought me home 115th beating my number and keeping the streak going!  Jayne my wife was tired and emotional to finish her first half in 2:25 a cracking performance, then home to celebrate with a glass of bubbly.


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