Week 6: 1-7th Feb

One month in and it feels like training has really started.  The mileage goes up again just reaching 70 miles for the week, it’s needed if Marathon day will feel comfortable.  This week will be a real test of will as I try to juggle the needs of training with being out of country with work and no time apart from early mornings (boo!).  The location just outside Rome was terrible for running hemmed in by Autostrada and warnings of unsavoury characters and wild dogs!

Mon am: A relaxed 8 miler to begin around Wokingham at 6:29 pace.  Pleased with the pace especially with sore legs after the weekend, my quads felt like they had a metal band around them, that will need a foam roller.

Mon pm: A relaxed but tired 4 miles around Basingstoke pleased just to finish and say the day is done.

Tues: No chance of running as the airline lost my baggage meaning no running kit until midnight…damn!

Wed: Terrible running in this area but still I tried 10M as the sun set.  To my amazement all the manhole covers had been taken/stolen leading to very careful scrutiny of the path ahead.  After getting lost, I ended up in a quarry completing 10 miles after 4 miles up and down the same hill at an average of 6:36 pace just slower than the required 6:30.

Thu: The aim was 4 x 2000m in sub 7min, however as I couldn’t find anywhere to run outside this had to be on the treadmill.  I managed 2 x 2000m before quitting as I just couldn’t pull the pace out of myself in such terrible surroundings.  I need a bit more mental strength

Fri: 5M easy on the treadmill, god this was a tedious run, I will try not to moan about wet, windy conditions of England’s roads again!

Sat: The plan was 20M first half in 7:30 the second at close to marathon pace.  As I walked out the door the conditions were horrid wet, windy but better than a treadmill.  I ran a long loop from home hitting an average of 6:45 for the first half, then into the faster half including a three mile section of consistent ascent.  I still managed to pull out 6:10 average to complete the 22miles in 2:21:00.  Good omens for race day.

Sun: A much needed day of rest & warming up.


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