Week 5: 25-31 Jan

This week would be a challenge, 2 doubles and the first 20 miler as the mileage went over 60 for the first time.  I was looking forward to some of the sessions especially cruise intervals a favourite of mine.

Mon am: What a way to start the week, a double especially on tired legs after Saturday, still managed an easy 4.5M at lunchtime at a slow pace of 7:18

Mon pm: Things were no easier by 7pm just managed to get round 8M in 7:01 pace for a lap of Basingstoke, a bit worried about hitting the required times for tomorrow

Tue: Overton Harrier training group again tonight which helps a huge amount to motivate me to run fast.  The session was 15 x 75s with 45s recovery they should have been run at 5k pace but they were actually 5:15 – 5:20 (I wish that was my 5k pace!).  This was immediately followed by 1M at what should of been marathon pace, but I pushed too hard clocking 5:37, a good time but definitely not marathon pace.

Wed: Mid week long run increasing again 9 miles today.  It was very hard to get going with yesterdays miles in my legs still it needed to be done.  Managed an OK pace of 6:36 average but it was a real struggle on any climb or into the wind.

Thu am: Should of been 4M but I ditched it, as I was knackered!

Thu pm: Looking forward to these cruise intervals.  After a warm-up 30mins of 10k, Marathon, Easy pace for 1min each.  It felt great at first and enjoyed the acceleration to hit the jog pace (6:30) and Marathon (6:00) each time but the 10k was hit an miss between 5:15 and 5:50.  I need to be more careful and slow the jog pace down.  The reason I like this session so much is that it makes Marathon pace seem slow and easy to hit, giving confidence for race day.

Fri: A much needed easy 5, which felt great to plod around at 7min/mile pace

Sat: Rest, well running around getting kids from one place to another but not running

Sun:  A very early start for me, 6am as it was the only chance to run during the whole weekend.  The plan was 20M at an even 7min/mile pace, however it started slower gradually getting faster as I woke up, finishing up with a 6:35 last mile and an average of 7:05, close enough to plan and not too fast for once.


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