Week 4: 18-25th Jan

Within my plan this is an easier week, not an easy week.  All the same I look forward to a modicum of respite from the endless miles.  The week contains no doubles but 2 sessions I dreaded; 400s and a first marathon effort long run.

Mon: A lovely way to start the week with 7 relaxed miles plodding around Wokingham at 6:47 pace

Tue: With Overton Harrier for the Tuesday session, a tight hamstring limited me to 80% running 6 x 4mins at 6:00 pace.  A very enjoyable run not to be flat out but still with a great bunch of lads.

Wed: The mid week runs are now stepping up 8M with the aim of hitting 6:30 pace as an average.  Today it was a 3/4 lap of Wokingham at a very slightly quicker than plan 6:26.  The hamstring was much better behaved, the magic foam roller was working.

Thu: Chickened out of the 400s, really quite scared of these, I blamed work but would of made time for something easier

Fri: Waited until the 11th hour then ran the 400s at Basingstoke track in the dark and the rain.  Completed 16 x 400m at 78s each just in time to pick the kids up at 7:30 before the bedtime routine and collapse for a Friday night on the sofa.

Sat: Doing the the 400s the night before was not ideal I woke with stiff legs and a knowledge that I had 19miles at specified paces; First half at 7min/mile; next 10k at 6:30 with the final 5k at 6:10 or faster.  Whilst my son was a gym I took off with a feeling of trepidation, first half was undeniably easy at 6:38 average pace, the following 10k sped past at 6:28 pace, the final 5k was painful and took real concentration to keep the pace high and just made it with an average of 6:01, a slow jog back to collect my son in 8:24 pace and the day was done, phew!

Sun: Rest, I could of chosen an easy 5 but my legs needed the time off


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