Week 3: 11-17th January

Another week another ramp in mileage and my legs were tired after a weekend of racing. Running twice a day or “doubles” were due to start this week, but due to tiredness (laziness) I didn’t make it when I was suppose to.  The week culminated in the Stubbington 10k a race I do enjoy.

Mon: am a very relaxed 4 miles at 7min/mile pace

Mon: pm should have been 7 miles tempo but I bottled it

Tue: am managed a 3.25 quick 5km in 19:30…I shouldn’t skip session I get too excited on fresh legs!

Tue: pm Out with Overton Harries once again for a elongated pyramid 1, 2, 4, 6, 4, 2, 1 mins all run at 5km – 10km pace depending on the length of the rep

Wed: No running today instead I cycled to work and home again, about 45 miles, the racer is still in me as I averaged 18mph on a mountain bike with slick tires

Thu: Treadmills…I hate them, still it was cold and I was away in an hotel where I didn’t have a route.  The scene was set man vs machine who would crack first.  After a mile warm-up it was into a fartlek, by playing with the speed and incline on the treadmill it was an effective session hitting top speed of the treadmill on a few occasions.  After a mile cool down I realised how far the treadmill moved during the session…must lose weight.

Fri: Stupid fast start on a freezing morning to clock a 5:05 first mile…I don’t know how, slowed after that to average 6:12!

Sat: Rest with tomorrows race in mind

Sun: The target was 35:00 and I felt I was a little too tired and behind where I should be but I hoped for something close.  On the day it was cold and windy and I had been given a stupidly low number.  I don’t like this as I always try and “beat my number” i.e. have a finishing position lower than my number.  I have been successful in this for the last 10 years but 31 is very low in a race with over 2,000 entrants.  The race itself went well and I was strong throughout, including the sole climb.  The last 3miles were into the wind meaning a positive split annoying as a fast clocking was within my grasp at halfway.  The race finished with a sprint finish for me just pipping my club mate, and finishing 23rd (2nd V40) yes I beat my number and prize money to boot!


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