Week 2: 4-10th Jan

Well this promised to be an interesting week, just back from injury mileage ramping up to over 50M for the first time in a while and culminating in two cross country races on Saturday and Sunday.

This what it looked like in practice!

Mon: A relaxed 7 miles pushed out at 6:42 pace around what will be my stomping ground for much of the training, Wokingham.

Tue: Proper session with Overton Harriers Tuesday night Basingstoke group 6 x 3 mins with reducing recoveries starting at 2 mins and getting less by 15 secs each time run at 5:30 pace.

Wed: The first of the mid week long runs and I attacked it with (too much) gusto clocking 9 miles in 57 mins, but my word it felt good.

Thu: A cracker of a session for getting paces sorted 1M warm-up followed by 7 miles at marathon pace, the middle of which at half marathon pace with a 1M cool-down.  Again too fast for the marathon pace at 6:01 and half marathon pace was a little slow at 5:50…also I missed the right time for the mile and ran it a mile late, I must concentrate a bit more.

Fri: A day of rest before the weekends fun and games

Sat: Hampshire Cross Country Championships,  this as a long XC at 12km and the conditions made it seem a lot longer, with deep and clawing mud the whole way round requiring a high knee action to escape it with each stride.  I started well and for the first 2 out of 3 laps was well placed for a podium spot in the V40 category, but my legs tired and I slowed to finish 41st and 6th V40.

Sun: Oxford Mail XC League, This is a fun event for me where I get to run at the same meet with my daughter, Daisy.  It felt really good especially on the climb and decent, feeling that I was flying but this was all an illusion as I placed 39th (8th V40)…must try harder.


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