Week 1 -28 Dec to 3 Jan


Starting Marathon training is a momentous occasion full of hope and dreams of a spring morning.  As I opened the door for the first training session it was anything but high winds and driving rain across the Yorkshire dales.

Week one’s endeavor looked like this:

  • Mon
    • 8 miles: 1st 2M easy followed by marathon pace 5:55-6:05* and 1M cool down. I managed the pace just but it was far from easy into the wind, a piece of cake when it was at my back!
  • Tue
    • 5 miles at a relaxed pace.  I was fortunate to be accompanied by my daughter who kept this at a pleasant conversational pace.
  • Wed
    • 7 miles: 3 x 3:30, 3 x 2:30, 4 x 1:30. Again run in the teeth of a gale after procrastinating most of the day.  The pace however were super 6:10 for the 3:30s, 5:25 for the 2:30s & 4:55 for the 1:30s to finish up in a heap looking like a drowned rat.
  • Thu
    • 6 miles steady: New years eve and an opportunity to think of the year gone by during a steady but solid 6:30 pace run, I love the freedom that running gives me just to think.
  • Fri
    • Should of been an easy 5 miles but didn’t make it due to traveling home.
  • Sat
    • Rest possibly should have made it out but needed to unpack and play with the kids!
  • Sun
    • The first “long run”, would my legs still survive? Yes, it felt easy to clip round at 6:58 pace enjoying all the downs have to offer.

A good first week and I’m pleased with the results especially as it was the full first week back to training after a torn hamstring.  Fingers crossed for the next 4 months

* This is my race marathon pace 3 hour pace is 6:52!


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